Past Clients

Playing House, by Mira Day
Combining love and action, Playing House explores the secrets people keep and the personal choices everyone must make to achieve happiness.



An Altered Existence: Fictitious stories about faces from the past, by Melody M. Nuñez
An Altered Existence is a collection of 14 short stories, each illustrated with a vintage photo known as cabinet cards — “orphans” collected from flea markets and antique stores that sparked the author’s imagination.


The Physics of Being, by John Chambers
The Physics of Being simplifies quantum physics, establishing a strong connection between spirituality and science. The book explains the history and development of physics and demonstrates how the universe can be modeled as a hologram as well as how this holographic perspective resolves many of the paradoxes of quantum physics.


Fizz: Nothing is as it seems, by Zvi Schreiber
Fizz tells the story of a young girl with a burning curiosity the intricate workings of the an unravelling universe. In this edu-novel, Fizz embarks on a quest that brings her face to face with the giants of physics, from Aristotle and Galileo to Einstein and Hawking.



A Cyclopedia of Culture Shock, by Victor Achima Owan
A Cyclopedia of Culture Shock explores cultural interaction in a world defined by constant migration in order to avoid  existential wars and ideological battles among cultures.



Cultural Hybridity in Manchu Bannermen Tales (zidishu), by Suet Ying Chiu
This dissertation explores zidishu (bannermen tales), a popular storytelling genre created by Manchus in the early eighteenth century.