Before starting any project, I develop an estimate of the time required to complete the work and provide this estimate, along with a detailed proposal outlining the exact process and timeline, to the client for review and approval. For editing services, this process can include editing a short writing sample (less than 1,000 words) from the larger text. For writing and publishing services, I determine the deliverables for the project and review these with the client. For one-on-one and small group trainings, I create an outline of the topics to be covered and identify learning goals for the attendees. I work with clients to provide the services they need while adhering to their budgets.

My fees are based on a variety of factors, including scope of the project, turnaround speed, number of pages, and deliverables required. A 50% down payment is required before I start the work. Clients who pay the entire project fee in advance are entitled to a 10% discount off the entire fee. (Note: The discount does not apply to clients who pay an hourly rate for ongoing work.) For editing and writing services, my fees generally fall within the rates detailed by The Editorial Freelancers Association ( http://the-efa.org/res/rates.php). Consulting and training fees are determined by the specific requirements for each project.